Simpex VT 531 Flash Review

About Simpex VT 531 Flash

Simpex VT 531 Flash is a Product from Simpex. This is an Indian Brand. Simpex manufactured Tripod, Monopod, LED Video Light, Flash Light, Sliders, Studio Lights, Light Stands, Filters and many products. Which is daily used by many photographers in India.

Today, You are going to read SImpex VT 531 Flash Review. This is an awesome product for beginners. Who started his/her career in photography filed. After reading this article you will know full technical details and Pros & Cons about Simpex VT 531 Flash. So please read this article till the end.

Review of Simpex VT 531 Flash

Simpex VT 531 Flash Review

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In Online Market Product Price Always Flatuate. That’s Why We don’t show the product price. Price Range is Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000


Simpex VT 531 Flash Specifications

Power Source
:4AA Battery
(Battery Not Included)
Flash Type:Manual Flash
Package Dimensions:21.9 x 9 x 7.8 cm

Simpex VT 531 Flash Pros and Cons

Let’s first I will tell you the technical detail of the Simpex VT 531 Flash with the Specification.


  1. ON/OFF Button for Flash
  2. MODE Button for Switch Between M/S1/S2
  3. TEST BUTTON for Fire a Test Flash
  4. POWER UP & POWER DOWN BUTTON for Increase and Decrease the Output of Flash
  5. In the box, you got Synchronize Bush for Mount Flash on Tripod
  6. You got Pouch for Keep your Flash Safe.
  7. You got Socket for Synchronize Cable
  8. You Got DC Socket for run flash using a battery.
  9. You got Synchronize Cable.


  1. This is a Manual Flash. Not Automatic.

My Personal Views about Simpex VT 531 Flash. After using 12 days.

Simpex VT 531 Flash has nice features. Easy to understand. I test flash samples. When I received this flash from the courier. I also shot some photos with this flash. It has GN 39. This is the best speedlight flash at this price. The result is very positive. I am satisfied with the flash.

This flash is best for who is starting a career in photography. A normal person can also understand the features of the flash. Because of fewer buttons and features have this flash. Overall this is an awesome product and superb performance.

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