Simpex VCT 888 Tripod Review


About Simpex VCT 888 Tripod

Simpex VCT-888 Tripod is an Indian Brand. This tripod is designed for beginner professionals. If you are planning to buy a tripod. Then you must read the “Simpex VCT 888 Tripod Review” Article. You will learn about its features, including Technical Details, Pros and Cons. So read this Review Article till the End.

Simpex VCT 888 Tripod Specifications

Folded Length
Max Operating Height:165cm
Load Capacity:5000 gm
Number of Leg Sections: 3
Material:Aluminum Oval Section
Head Type: 3-Way Pan Head
Quick Release Plate:Quick Release Mechanism
Leg Lock Type:Flip Lock
Independent Leg Spread:Yes

Mobile Holder for Simpex VCT 888 Tripod

If you wish to use your Mobile Phone on this tripod because of lack of DSLR Camera. Then Buy Mobile Holder for Simpex VCT 888 Tripod. This will help you to shot professionally. Mount your mobile phone with this accessory is very easy. This accessory grab your mobile tightly.

My Personal Views about Simpex VCT 888 Tripod. After using this 21 days.

I find this tripod strong and durable. This is made from High-Quality Aluminium Material. The company used heavy and strong Pipes in building this tripod.

In features, I like the most is the Pan Handle of the Tripod. The touch is very soft. the movement of the Pan Handle is Very Soft. I take Ultra Quality Shoes by moving the Pan Handle.

I am impressed by Simpex VCT 888 Tripod. Easy to Use. This bulky but not an issue. The lack of the tripod is that. The company did not provide Handle to Replace its Position. Otherwise overall this tripod is best for professional uses.

If the enjoyed Simpex VCT 888 Tripod Review Article Post. Then Tell me about your experience. What new you have learned about this tripod. I am waiting for your comments.

8 Total Score
Review of Simpex 888 Tripod

Overall Rating of Simpex 888 Tripod
  • You got Free High-Quality Carry Bag with this tripod.
  • You got Free 3 Leg Shoe for future use.
  • This tripod is made for DSLR Camera & for Video Shot.
  • You can mount your normal camera if you have.
  • You can use your Mobile Phone also with this tripod. But you need to Buy Mobile Holder for Simpex VCT 888 Tripod.
  • You got 2 Flip Lock for the increase and decrease your tripod height.
  • You can increase more height if you need. Just you need to roll a small handle near head section. The tripod height will increase from the head.
  • Pan Handle is very soft because it is covered with foam.
  • Build Quality of the tripod is very strong.
  • All Parts are working smoothly.
  • You can take 360-degree shots and up and down direction shots.
  • You don’t get Handle for Grab and Move your Tripod from One Place to Another Place.
  • It has only One Bubble Level Indicator.
  • You don’t get Tilt Option for taking shots in tilt position.
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