Simpex 621 RX Flash Review


About Simpex 621 RX Flash

Simpex 621 RX Flash is a Wireless Flash. This flash is from Simpex Brand. Simpex is an Indian Company. This company manufactured all kinds of photography accessories.

If you want to know about the flash. Then you have to read my “Simpex 621 RX Flash Review” Article. Read this review article to know more about the flash. Check technical details, Read Pros and Cons. To know, more about the product read this article till the end.

Review of Simpex 621 RX Flash


Simpex 621 RX Flash Specifications

Power Source
:4AA Battery
(Battery Not Included)
Flash Type:Wireless Flash
Compatible Devices:ALL DSLR, SLR, Digital Cameras
Additional Features:Recycling Time 0.1-5 Sec, Color Temperature 5500 , Guide Number 38
Height:15 cm
Width10 cm

My Personal Views about Simpex 621 RX Flash. After using 22 days.

Simpex 621 RX Flash is a good product. Build quality is perfect & strong. This is a wireless flash. I have tested this flash on my 3 cameras with Canon, Nikon and Sony.  This flash support with my all 3 cameras. I didn’t face any technical issue. (Please ask for Camera compatibility to simpex customer care before buying this flash).

I like this flash because this comes with the trigger. Now I don’t need to mount a flash on my camera. I only have to mount trigger on my Camera. That comes with the flash. I feel now my camera is very light in weight. Before this flash. I was using a normal flash. Because of the weight of flash. My camera becomes heavy in weight. Thanks to simpex for manufacturing this kind of product for us.

you can operate this flash from 3 cameras at the same time. If you have extra triggers. It’s simple to use and normal as you connect on Mobile Bluetooth.

I find this flash very easy to use. It functions very well. Light of flash is impressive.

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8 Total Score
Simpex 621 RX Flash

Over All Rating of Simpex 621 RX Flash
  • You got a TRIGGER with the flash. You mount on the camera.
  • STAND for Flash.
  • Good Quality Carry Pouch.
  • Support 4A CELL (Battery Not Included).
  • Switch Button for ON & OFF Flash.
  • (+) and (-) Button for Increase and Decrease the Flash Light.
  • MODE Button for Switch and use flash.
  • TEST Button for Check Flash Light.
  • You got REFLECTOR and DIFFUSER for convert your flashlight soft.
  • No Cons have this Product.
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)

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