Simpex 522 Flash Review

About Simpex 522 Flash

Simpex 522 Flash is an Indian company Product. Best Flash for Beginner Photographers. This is a Manual Flash. It has GN 33. This is the best speedlight flash at this price. If you want to A to Z details and Pros and Cons. Then you must read Simpex 522 Flash Review Article Post till the End.

Review of Simpex522 Flash

Simpex 522 Flash Review

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Simpex 522 Flash Lowest Price

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In Online Market Product Price Always Flatuate. That’s Why We don’t show the product price. Price Range is Rs. 2700 to Rs. 3000


Simpex 522 Flash Specifications

Power Source
:4AA Battery
(Battery Not Included)
Flash Type:Manual Flash
Package Dimensions:21.9 x 9 x 7.8 cm

Simpex 522 Flash Pros and Cons

Let’s first I will tell you the technical detail of the Simpex 522 Flash with the Specification.


  1. You got ON and OFF Button.
  2. You got Volume Up and Down Button. By using this button you can increase and Decrease Light of Flash.
  3. It has Test Button for Test Flash Light before the shoot.
  4. It has Mode Button for Change Flash Mode from Manual to S1 and S2 Mode
  5. In the box, you got Synchronize Bush for Mount Flash on Tripod
  6. In the Box, you got Synchronize Cable.
  7. You got Pouch for Keep your Flash Safe.
  8. It has Socket for Synchronize Cable
  9. It has DC Socket for run flash using the battery.


  1. This is a Manual Flash. Not Automatic.

My Personal Views about Simpex 522 Flash. After using this 7 days.

After using Simpex 522 Speedlight Flash. I am satisfied with this product. When I received the product. I found product packing was nice. This is an awesome flash and value for money. Easy to use flash. Because this flash doesn’t have too many functions.

It has very limited functions button. While I was shooting with the flash. I found flashlight is very good. This is a cheap price product. But build quality is good. In the package, I received a Warranty Card from Simpex and User Manual Guide. Best product for beginner photographers.

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