Simpex 3600 Tripod Review


About Simpex 3600 Tripod

This is an Indian Brand Tripod. The Brand name is Simpex. This tripod has a brown metallic colour, made with soiled quality plastic and high-grade aluminium. You will find many locks options. So you can use them according to your needs. If you want to know everything about this Tripod. Then Read “Simpex 3600 Tripod Review” Post till the end.

Simpex 3600 Tripod Specifications

Folded Length
Max Operating Height:1640mm
Min. Operating Height:625mm
Load Capacity:4000 gm
Number of Leg Sections: 3
Material:Aluminum Oval Section
Head Type: 3-Way Pan Head
Quick Release Plate:Quick Release Mechanism
Leg Lock Type:Flip Lock
Independent Leg Spread:Yes
DIA of Tube:26.7x23mm

Mobile Holder for Simpex 2400 Tripod

You can shoot videos by your mobile phone. But you need to buy this accessory. If you want to mount your mobile phone on this tripod. Then you need to Buy Mobile Holder for Simpex 3600 Tripod. You can shoot great shots with your Mobile Phone.

My Personal Views about Simpex 3600 Tripod. After using this 21 days.

This tripod is best economically for beginners. Specially designed for Modern DSLR Cameras. This is a soiled quality, strong and durable tripod. This is a fully featured tripod. Made from high-grade aluminium.

Its weight is under 1.5kg. But it feels lightweight while I moved this from one place to another place. Easy to carry. All parts of the tripod are working smoothly. If you are new and don’t know. How to use a tripod then you must get training. How to use this tripod.

I tried my best to find a better tripod from Simpex 3600 Tripod. But I was failed to find a better option. It has 6 feet in height. The reason is that other brands tripods are expensive. You will find features like this tripod. This tripod is like a premium quality tripod. Well, I am happy with this tripod. I love to use this tripod and its features.

The best thing about this tripod. You got a free High-Quality Carry Bag.

If you like Simpex 3600 Tripod Review post. Then, have you enjoyed this review post. I am waiting for your comments. So please comment below. After purchasing this tripod. Share your experiences with me by comment section.

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7 Total Score
Review of Simpex 3600 Tripod

Overall Rating of Simpex 3600 Tripod
  • This tripod is specially designed for video recording.
  • You can use Maximum 4kg DSLR Cameras easily on this tripod.
  • A free high-quality Carry Bag comes with this tripod.
  • You can mount your Mobile Phone. But you need to Buy Mobile Holder for Simpex 3600 Tripod.
  • You got 2 Flip Locks. By using them you can extend the height of the tripod.
  • If you need more height. Then use a small handle near the head section. By rotating the handle. Height will increase the head portion.
  • You got 2 Level Indicator. You can adjust the position of the tripod by using them.
  • You can take 360 Angle Shots by moving pan handle in a rounded position.
  • You can Tilt your Camera Position by rotating a small screw near the head.
  • A Big Handle is available to grab your tripod. You can easily change your tripod location by grabbing and moving your tripod.
  • At this price range. This tripod gives you a very high height compare to other brands tripod.
  • At the bottom of the tripod. A Hook is Available for Hang lightweight accessories like Camera Accessories, Camera Bag, Carry Bag. This Hook also has the ability to make your tripod stable. So you can take great shots. if your camera shakes because of heavy Weight of Camera.
  • A Quick Release Plate comes with this tripod.
  • You can mount Cameras under 4kg.
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