Simpex 1200 Tripod Review


About Simpex 1200 Tripod

This tripod quality is very good. This is a strong quality product with premium features. You will not get features in the price range in which this tripod comes. Next, we will discuss the Technical Details of the product and Pros and Cons of Simpex 1200 Tripod. Read this Simpex 1200 Tripod Review Article till the end.

Simpex 1200 Tripod Specifications

Weight:1.03 KG
Folded Length
Max Operating Height: 1450mm
Min. Operating Height:560mm
Load Capacity:3000 gm
Number of Leg Sections: 3
Material:Aluminum Oval Section
Head Type: 3-Way Pan Head
Quick Release Plate:Quick Release Mechanism
Leg Lock Type:Flip Lock
Independent Leg Spread:Yes
DIA of Tube:20×16.3mm

Mobile Holder for Simpex 1200 Tripod

If you don’t have a camera or a DSLR camera. if you want to shoot photos and videos with this tripod using your mobile phone. Then you need to buy this tripod accessory. This Mobile Holder for Simpex 1200 Tripod gives you the option to use your mobile as a camera.

My Personal Views about Simpex 1200 Tripod. After using this 30 days.

I really like this tripod because of its features. When I use the product. I have researched that simpex 1200 tripod has found very good reviews online about the product. I got lots of knowledge about the product. That I want to share with you.

I like its height and options for increasing the height of this tripod.

  1. You can increase the tripod height by opening the clips in the legs section. You got 2 clips. By opening theme you will get a very high height of the tripod.
  2. In the head section, you will find the elevator. You need to lose the lever to increase the height.

Other important Features of the Tripod

  1. You can use and mount your mobile phone. But you need to buy Mobile Holder for Simpex 1200 Tripod.
  2. You can mount the normal camera and DSLR Camera with this tripod.
  3. The company gives you 2 level indicator in this tripod. You and find the right adjustment by using them on any surface.
  4. In the head section, The company option finds the screw and lose that for shoot rounded by moving the pan head.
  5. You can also take shots by moving your camera find in up and down position by moving the pan head.
  6. You can easily attach and detach the camera mounting plate.
  7. You can tilt your camera and can shoot in the tilt position. But you need to lose the screw that is position in the head section.
  8. The company gives a handle for moving the whole tripod grab by the hand. You can move from one place to other places this tripod.
  9. You got 5.5 feet in height, total height 1.03 kg, lightweight and sturdy.

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7.5 Total Score

Overall Rating of Simpex 1200 Tripod
  • In Mid-range price, simpex gives you premium quality tripod.
  • This tripod comes with carrying bag.
  • The material used in this tripod is Aluminium and Plastic.
  • You got 5.5 feet extended the length.
  • At the bottom of the tripod, you got an option to mount your DSLR camera.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • It has high strength. It is great for first-time users.
  • Can handle DSLR and mobile phones very skillfully.
  • You can use the hook for hang your Camera Bag, Accessories or anything lightweight items.
  • The build quality is also great and a must buy for first time users.
  • Yes, this tripod is value for money.
  • Platis material is low quality but ok in this quality of tripod.
  • Can’t handle more than 3KG DSLR Camera on this tripod
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