Celestron Telescope 130eq Review


This post is about the Celestron Telescope 130eq Review. Some days ago I purchased “Celestron Astromaster 130eq Telescope”. After using this telescope. I want to share my experience. Telescope pros and cons.

About Company

Celestron is a US-based company, located in California city. They manufacture Telescopes, Spotting Scopes, Microscopes, Binoculars and extra Accessories of their product. If you are planning for astronomy then Celestron is one of the most trusted brands. They manufacture their products for beginners to advanced astronomers. 

Best Used for:

  • Planetary Viewing
  • Moon Viewing
  • With the 20mm erecting eyepiece even earth-based viewing can be done

Package Features:

  • Reflector Aperture – 130mm
  • Focal Length – 650mm Focal Ratio
  • 5 Eyepieces – 1:20mm
  • Fully Coated Optics
  • CG-3 Equatorial Mount Drive
  • No Tools Required, Tubular Steel Tripod
  • DoveTail Shoe Fitting
  • Multi-Coated Balance Counterweights (10.89kg)
  • Tubular Stainless Steel Tripod
  • German Equatorial Mount Included
  • User Manual and Instructional CD ROM

Celestron Telescope 130eq Review

Hi friends, I am Ram. Today I am going to Review Celestron Telescope 130eq. I am writing this review after 2 months after using Astromaster 130eq. Today I want to share my experience with you guys. If you are going to buy a telescope then you must read this review.

So please stay connected with me in the review to know more about the product.


I ordered it from Amazon. Astromaster 130eq come motor drive with and without motor derive. When I received the product. The packing is very good by the

company. It comes in a carton box and inside you will find this product in another box printed. Every part of the product and accessories are bubble raped by the company. I like Astromaster 130eq packing. It was well packed by the company.

In the box, I found Stand, Optical Tube, Equatorial Mount, Accessory Tray, and Width, Screws, Eye Pieces and a manual book with the product.

Astromaster 130eq Telescope model number 31045 is used for Astronomy. This is a high range manual telescope from Celestron. 

130eq Telescope is a 5 inch reflector Newtonian telescope. 

How to Install Celestron Astromaster 130eq Telescope

Steal Stand

First, you need to unlock the stand by unlocking clips available on the stand for use with this telescope. After unlocking clips now you can extend the height of the telescope by pulling the legs.

You can adjust the height for kids. Now place the mount on the stand and then place the rings on the mount then fix ducktail attachment on the mount by using a screw on the part of the mount. Now Place the tube in between the rings once again tight the screw.

I check my location latitude and then fix 130eq telescope latitude by using the knob on the same latitude. Then you need Northstar alignment according to earth rotation speed. So a telescope can composite your equatorial mount.

For easy rotation use slow-motion cable to track your object in the sky. A red dot finder is available on the 130eq telescope and aligned with eyepieces. Use the screw to rotate to correct the alignment for the centre of the red dot. 

This model comes with and without a motor. I bought this telescope with a motor. This motor is called RA Drive motor. If you have already purchase Astromaster 130eq without motor. Then you can buy RA Moter Driver.

If you buy this 130eq telescope with RA motor derive. Then you can attach the motor with this telescope. This motor comes with a 9-volt battery. This motor can track objects for you. Use the giving buttons on the motor to find the northern hemisphere press N Button and for Southern Hemisphere press S button.

To find objects located in the sky. Celestron launched an app on Android and iOS platforms called SkyPortal.  You can also download software on your laptop. This sky map helps to find objects for track rising time and setting time and time on which the planet will be above height in the sky.

You can do astrophotography with this telescope. I attach my digital camera on this telescope. But I buy extra accessories to attach my camera.

This 130eq Telescope has 650mm focal length. It has a 5.1-inch aperture. 10m and 20mm eyepieces come with Astromaster 130eq models. 20mm eyepiece has a power of 35x and 10 eyepieces has 65x power.

In the beginning, I used the 20mm eyepiece. After I found my object I removed the 20mm eyepiece and used 10mm eyepieces for zoom in on my object.

As per company said you can use this telescope for terrestrial viewing. Because 10mm eyepiece produces inverted images and 20mm eyepiece produces an erect image.

Using 20mm eyepieces you can also watch birds, hills etc and using 10mm eyepieces you can easily watch Moon, Saturn and rings, Jupiter covered by its moon & more.

Finally, I want to tell you that I really enjoyed my Celestron Telescope 130eq. I saw lots of Stars, Planets and Galaxies with “130eq Telescope”. I don’t have the words, How I feel when I see plants through my telescope.

Astromaster 130eq Telescope is best for beginners to advance astronomy. A beginner can also go with another model of Celestron. But I must say that If you are a beginner and you have the budget to buy 130eq telescope. Then my advice to you that you must buy the Astromaster 130EQ Telescope.

Thanks for reading my review post on “Celestron Telescope 130eq” .

8.5 Total Score
Overall Rating of Celestron Astromaster 130EQ Reflector Telescope

Astromaster is the top in a manual from brand. This model comes with motor drive and without motor drive.

  • Can Expand the
  • Good Priced
  • Comes with EQ Mount
  • Strong Steel Legs on Tripod
  • Nicely Painted
  • Clear Crisp Mirrors
  • Use for Beginner to Advanced
  • Sturdy and Well Put Together
  • Can be used for View Universe and Earth Bond Viewing
  • Cheap Software
  • Comes with Only 2 Eyepieces
  • Weight is Little Heavy
  • No Filters Included
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