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Buying Guide for Telescopes – Top Most Asked Question on Telescope


Shopping for your first telescope is a big deal, particularly in case you don’t know about astronomy or you are a newbie in astronomy. It’s natural, every person doesn’t understand words used in astronomy and about its functions. Here I have tried to cover all the common questions and answers asked by newbie astronomers. after completing this article. You will learn very important questions and answers that will help you to buy a good telescope for yourself.

Let’s start the topic without any delay.

  1. I know that by using a telescope I can watch various objects that can’t possible to watch with naked eyes. But I want to know how it works?

A telescope’s goal is to gather light. This property allows you to observe objects a lot fainter than you may see together with your eyes alone. The light allows you to identify the various objects in the sky.

  1. Will accessories that come with a telescope be enough or I need to buy additional accessories to make a complete set.

Most telescopes come with a complete setup and accessories. A tube, Tripod stand and eyepieces come with every telescope. You can enjoy the sky using items that come in the telescope box.

Maybe you need to buy a 2x Barlow lens that will double the power of your eyepieces.  Using Barlow lens you can see any object in 2x size. in case 2x Barlow lens doesn’t come with your telescope.

If you want to capture objects in the form of images then you must buy a mobile adaptor. That will help you to capture sky objects images using your telescope.

You must buy Sun filter. If you want to watch the sun in the day. A sun filter saves your eyes from damage. Using a sun filter with your telescope you can watch what is happening in the sun. You can watch the solar flare and black spots of volcanoes.

If you haven’t got a moon filter with your telescope. Then you must buy a moon filter. A moon filter stops the glare of the moon and reduces the glare. So you can enjoy the moon without affecting your eyes. without a moon filter, you can’t watch the moon for a long duration.

  1. I am interested in seeing sky objects. What Should to I do first?

You should know all about telescopes and it’s varieties. What accessories will be best for your telescopes and what objects you can watch in the sky with your selected telescope? You should learn all these things before buying a telescope. 

On Pretty Mantra under the telescope category has enough articles to learn all about telescopes. When you will read articles about telescopes then you will improve your knowledge and you will be able to select the best telescope for you. According to your choice and under your budget. You will learn how a telescope should be used and will learn about the power of eyepieces and other accessories. 

  1. Can I start with a binocular or do I need a telescope?

A binocular work is to watch nearby objects under 2 to 10 kilometres. Using a good binocular for astronomy you can enjoy the moon. But if you want to watch objects in the sky then a telescope will be a good choice. Using a telescope you can watch many planets and galaxies in the sky.

  1. Why is my telescope showing an upside-down image?

it happens because available mirrors in the telescope flip the light and your object shows you upside-down. But you can correct this problem using the “image erector“. This accessory will flip your object Upright.

  1. Can I use my telescope as a binocular to watch earth objects?

The answer is yes. You can use the telescope for bird-watching, Mountains, buildings and many objects you can enjoy with the telescope.

  1. Can I test a telescope before buy?

You need to find an astronomy club near your location. They can charge you some amount for joining. There you can enjoy different kinds of telescopes and enjoy the sky by watching planets & galaxies. There you can increase your knowledge about astronomy by asking questions in the club.

  1. After optics quality. What is the most important thing should I look for in a telescope when I purchase a telescope?

You should buy a telescope which comes with a sturdy mount. Because a low-quality mount will vibrate in heavy winds and that can be a pain while you are enjoying the sky. So make sure you are buying a telescope including a good quality mount that should not vibrate in low winds or high winds.

  1. Which is a better telescope, a go-to telescope or without a go-to telescope?

A go-to telescope is a better choice because it comes with a motor or a computerised motor drive. A motor drive work is to track an object in the sky. When you watch your object again then you don’t need to find that object because the motor drive is tracking that object. It is used to save time.

  1. Do I need a battery or electricity to run my telescope while I am using my telescope outside?

If your telescope has a motor dive then you need batteries or an adapter to run your telescope.

  1. What kind of telescope will be best for me.

You must buy a telescope that consumes less time in setup. for example, if you buy a telescope that takes 30 minutes to 1 hour in setup only then definitely you will use limited number of times in a year because it’s eating your time in setup.

Beyond this, if you buy a telescope that takes 5 mins to 15 mins to set up then you can use your telescope every week. Because your telescope is easy to set up and it’s not eating your time in setup. With this kind of telescope, you can give more time to astronomy.

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