Boat Rockerz 400 Review


Review of Boat Rockerz 400 Wireless Headphone

If you are looking for a Wired/Wireless Headphone. If you want to buy the best sound quality headphone then you need to buy this article post. This post is the review post on Boat 400 Headphone.

You must read this review article before buying a headphone. After reading this post. You will be easy to understand. Which kind of headphone you must buy. So please read this review post till the end.

Boat Rockerz 400 Specifications

Let’s first I will tell you the technical detail of the Boat Rockerz 400 with the Specification.

USB to Micro USB Cable
User Guide
On-Ear Wireless Headphone
Weight: 110g

My Personal Review about Boat Rockerz 400. After using 5 Days


This is my person review after using Boat Rockerz 400 5 Days. This is easy to use. Light weight. Stylish. Soft. The sound quality is good in Music. Call Voice quality is also good. For full details read the review post.


Boat 400 Wireless Headphone is good looking and styles. If I talk about the build quality and flexibility. Then yes, it is a nice wireless headphone. The headphone head strap is made from flexible plastic. Play and Pause button is given. A volume button. Micro USB Charging Port. The 3.5-inch audio port is giving in the headphone. So you can use this headphone via the wire. A mic and LED light are available. Which gives you notification while you ON the device.


The material is giving on the headphone speaker is very soft. I think the material is used to give softness is PU Leather. They are not soft so much. But I think they will become softer after some usage. Head strap is flexible and soft. You will feel soft and smooth. You can move and can tilt your headphone ear section for making adjustments. If you find this headphone short on your head. Then you can increase the height of headphone. You can also fold Boat 400 Headphone and can easily carry on the way. This will not cover too much space in your travel bag. Boat 400 Headphone weighs only 110g. So you will not feel heavy on your head.


This headphone can fit on any person’s head. The grip of headphone is very good on your head and on our ears. The strip is very flexible. The speakers are covered from soft material. You can rotate and can tilt your headphone speakers. When I personally used Boat 400 Headphone. My ears tired because of little bit pain feeling on my ears..if I used for 1 hour. I think it happens. Because this is new. I think after some usage they will be more soft and comfortable.


On Boat 400 Headphone Play and the Pause button is available. You can do many things with play and pause buttons. Like you can ON your headphone via Play & Pause Button. You can change Tracks on a Single Click. If you will hold Play and Pause Button for more than 3 Seconds. Then you can increase and decrease the volume.

A Blue Light will on as an indication that your headphone is ON. A RED Light will ON. While you will charge your headphone.

You can connect this headphone wirelessly with your mobile phone. You need to turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone. After turning on Bluetooth you will see “Boat ROckerz 400” Bluetooth as a connection name. Tap on the Name and you will automatically connect with you headphone via Bluetooth. If your device asks for a pin then simply enter four-time 0.

Mike is giving for a talk on the calls. By pressing on Play and Pause button you can attend and reject the call. For attending the call just press single time and if you want to reject the call. Then you need to hold a button for more than 3 seconds. For End, a call just single click on the button.

In case your headphone battery finish or you want to save battery of your headphone. Then you can connect via the wire. Which comes with this headphone. While usage of wire your buttons of headphones will not work. But you can enjoy your favourite games and tracks with good sound quality.

Bluetooth Range:

The company says that a user can use it under 10M. But I have personally checked and found out that this works under 8M Very well.

Bluetooth version is 2.1 which is a very old version. But I have not found any kind of issue under 8M.

Sound Quality:

Boat 400 Headphone Sound Quality is very good. It’s Loud and the base is also very good. You will not face any irritation. While you will use at full volume. On the full Volume, some people can fill distortion problem in vocals. But if you keep the volume at a maximum 80%. Then you will fee very good sound quality from the headphone.

Call Quality:

Call voice quality finds good. I didn’t get a discount problem under 8M range. While I was taking through Bluetooth. You can also connect via wire and call your friends.


As per company says. This headphone will give you 8 Hours battery backup. But I have manually checked the find out that this gives only 6 to 7 hours of battery backup. I have listened to many tracks and talk over the phone while checking the battery backup.

If you want to check the battery backup. Then you can check on your phone while connected via Bluetooth. But you can’t check battery backup on the headphone.

I think the price is fine according to other headphones. If you want to buy this headphone at the lowest price then you have to wait for special online sale on the various e-commerce website. You can buy this device is Rs. 1000 only.

9 Total Score
Total Score

Overall Boat Rockerz 400 Wireless Headphone is the best headphone in this price.

Review of Boat Rockerz 400 Wireless Headphone
  • Light Weight
  • Listen to Music (Via Bluetooth/3.5 Aux Cable)
  • Take Calls (Via Bluetooth/3.5 Aux Cable)
  • Buttons for Volume Up and Down, Pause are given in Headphone
  • Extra Powerful Bass
  • 8 Hours Battery Backup
  • 2 Hours Charging Time
  • Standby Time Up to 100 Hours
  • Connect with All Android Device/iOs and Windows etc.
  • Noise Cancellation Microphone
  • Bluetooth Range is 10M
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Big Size Headphone
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